KYTO Mission

KYTO’s strategy is to develop a specialized vehicle for early stage technology and life science companies. KYTO acts as a mentor, advisor, external manager and investor for carefully reviewed and selected privately held companies in the USA, Canada and Israel.

Market Stats – Tech & Life Science



  • Over $20B /Quarter invested
  • Average size: $1M angel, $5M early VC and $10M late VC


  • 70,000 high tech/life science companies
  • $110B /year revenue
  • 2/3 companies operate with <4 employees
  • 850,000 workers in the industry, about 6% of total work force
  • Private sector investment: close to $10B


  • Close to 10,000 companies of which over 6,000 are start ups
  • 300,000 workers
  • Accounts for close to $30B of exports

KYTO Focus

  1. Post-seed early stage companies with strict criteria and after solid validation by KYTO’s board of advisors.
  2. Active role as a fee recipient advisor and mentor in each of the portfolio companies as well as KYTO holding a board or board-observer seat.
  3. Activity is equally distributed between technology and life science and the geographical interest is expected to be over 50% in the US, with the balance split between Canada and Israel.
  4. Investments are either in the form of secured convertible debt paying interest and offering a discount upon conversion to preferred shares, or directly into preferred shares.
  5. KYTO expects that each portfolio company has a “liquidity event” within 3-4 years of receiving a KYTO investment.
  6. KYTO does not lead financing transactions, but follows highly-vetted companies by groups of sophisticated and accredited investors such as Angel Bands.

Early Stage Technology & Life Science

KYTO advises and invests in a hand-picked portfolio of promising startups focused on the technology and life science fields.